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Watching the Musical “AIDA” (2019.12)
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Watching the Musical “AIDA” (December, 2019)


As a part of watching cultural performance, KOREANA Patent Firm had a time watching the musical “AIDA” at Blue Square, located in Han-nam Dong, on December 28, 2019 (Saturday) and January 4, 2020 (Saturday).


Not just many executive and staff members, but family and friends were also invited to watch on the desired dates of each.


The musical performance “AIDA,” was known to be the last performance reproduced by airlifting the 100% of the performance stage set, outfits and the system from the Broadway of US, so it was much more meaningful.  The performance gave both affection and excitement, and everyone was focused into the old history tale throughout the performance, by the enthusiastic performance of main actors of role of Aida, role of Egyptian princess and role of Radames, and splendid stage background.


During the break in the middle of the performance, executive and staff members joyfully talked about the performance and stage outfits of the actors, and after the performance ended, they took the message from the performance as felt by each.