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Campaign: Up Your Health on Your Way Up (2015.03)
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Campaign: Up Your Health on Your Way Up

       There is something special about the staircase in our office building.  Each floor has a poster showing how much calories have been burned on the way up the stairs to promote taking the stairs. 

       With the flood of news about the health benefits of taking the stairs, everybody knows it is good for your health.  But knowing about it is not just enough.  In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the foundation of the firm, Koreana has taken a proactive step and initiated a campaign, "Up your health on your way up," with the support of the Healthy Living & Behavior Team of the Korea Health Promotion Foundation and the Center for Health Promotion of the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital to help its employees to walk the walk.

       Koreana has continuously engaged in efforts for the campaign to serve as a cornerstone for its employees to develop healthy habits.