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Cafeteria Re-opened (2016.08)
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Cafeteria Re-opened (August 29, 2016)

       Koreana Patent Firm opened a cafeteria for its employees in October, 2014, which is the first of its kind in the industry.  The firm signed a contract with Hyundai Green Food Co., Ltd. for providing the food services for the cafeteria.

      In line with its purpose of prioritizing the employees’ health, the cafeteria provides green salads every lunch.  Also, the cafeteria posts the expected menu for the week including “low-salt day,” “Ssam (meat wrapped with vegetable) day,” and the like in advance to allow the employees to decide to eat in or out according to their personal tastes.  In addition, the cafeteria reflects the employees’ preferences on the menu through regular surveys, to meet the various tastes of the employees consisting of various generations.

      Recently, to facilitate convenient use of the cafeteria, the cafeteria re-opened on August 29, 2016 after remodeling for a widened space, accommodating over 165 people at the same time with its spacious size and increased seats.  Also, new food tables have been added, which have greatly reduced the waiting time, and salad bars have been arranged in three different places, so that the employees can use them more conveniently.

      Koreana Patent Firm will continue to work hard to make the cafeteria a happier place for the employees for their health and pleasant lunch time.

Extended Interior of the Cafeteria