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Fire Safety Training (2018.03)
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Fire Safety Training (March 26, 2018)


      KOREANA Patent Firm invited firefighters for audiovisual training and hands-on training sessions under the supervision of the Gangnam Fire Department on firefighting training, CPR, and life safety education (risk management) on March 26, 2018.

      KOREANA learned how to evacuate in the event of a fire through audiovisual materials, and it was good to know that how to evacuate varies depending on where you are in relation to where the fire broke out.

      In addition, each employee received CPR training using a dummy, which gave them confidence that they can save precious life in work place in case of emergency.

      KOREANA has such regular training, and this time, completed the fire safety education, hoping to be able to prepare for various disasters and to implement preventive measures.