Practice Areas


Introduction of Practice Areas

Introduction of Practice Areas
  • Patents
    Utility Models
    Our practice on patents and utility models aims to obtain as broad scope of right as possible by examining every aspect of our clients’ business needs.
    With our in-depth consulting before the filing of an application and spot-on advice in every stage of the proceedings of the application including filing of the application, registration of a patent, trial (invalidation, confirmation of the scope of claims, etc.), and petition for cancellation of trial decision, our clients’ inventions and devices are perfectly protected. Our patent attorneys and patent experts with rich experiences and expertise in all fields of technology including electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunication engineering, semiconductor engineering, physics, S/W technologies, mechanics, aeronautical engineering, material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology and pharmaceutics are always ready to serve our clients.
    Our practice on designs aims to protect our clients’ aesthetic and intellectual creations as effectively as possible.
    We serve our clients to obtain substantial rights for their designs as early as possible by proactively taking advantage of design practices, such as partial examination and registration of design, multi-class application, set item design, and partial design.
  • Trademarks
    Service Marks
    Our practice on trademarks and service marks aims to obtain and protect rights in a most efficient manner based on our assessment of the likelihood of registration of each trademark or service mark after close consulting with clients and thorough analysis of the search report.
    Our practice also includes registration, monitoring, licensing arrangements, and assignment relating to trademarks and service marks for efficient management of our clients’ rights. With our rich experiences in proceedings such as opposition, trial (invalidation, cancellation, confirmation of the scope of claim, etc.), and petition for cancellation of trial decision relating to trademarks and service marks, we ensure perfect protection of our clients’ rights to trademarks and service marks.
    Internet-related businesses include business methods, electronic commerce, electronic cash, and domain names, and they are emerging as new areas of intellectual property.
    In this regard, we have been operating a team in charge of new intellectual property rights made up of patent attorneys and experts to provide comprehensive service for our clients to obtain this new intellectual property rights and use them strategically.
  • Petitions For
    Cancellation Of
    Trial Decision
    Koreana has accumulated know-hows unmatched in Korea in the practice of petitions for cancellation of trial decision in the fields of intellectual property rights.
    We have dedicated ourselves to the field of intellectual property rights for the last half century and, as a result, we have not only handled numerous petitions for cancellation of trial decision but played a leading role in setting many pioneering precedents, which is demonstrated by our high winning rate in petitions for cancellation of trial decision and a great number of clients who have entrusted us with their representation.
    License registration and license contracts in the field of intellectual property rights are crucial for efficient utilization of intellectual property rights to maximize profits of our clients.
    We are certain that our service, which is based on our comprehensive analysis in pursuit of a perfect way of utilizing intellectual property rights, will ensure the greatest profits possible for our clients.
  • Search Service
    In the fields of intellectual property, the search service including prior art search is an essential element for our clients to obtain, maintain and utilize their rights.
    We have extensive databases and know-hows to utilize them in the optimal way in this line of work as well. Our top notch search report will be of a useful guidance for our clients to take advantage of their intellectual property.
    Turning creative ideas into economic gains requires efficient management of a variety of elements including obtaining rights for the ideas, building a business model based thereon, and licensing arrangement.
    In this regard, we provide a consulting service, along with a short cut, to guide our clients to the way to obtaining the greatest profits possible from their creations.