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Year Ending Ceremony (2021.12)
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Year Ending Ceremony (December 30, 2021)


Koreana Patent Firm held a year ending ceremony on December 30 to wrap up the year 2021.


Representative managing partner Yoon-min Lee delivered words of encouragement, along with comments on what the Firm should do to better serve clients, through a broadcast in a non-face-to-face manner due to the Corona 19 situation.


In his year-end greetings, as this year marks the 51st anniversary of the Firm’s founding, Mr. Lee recalled that the internal and external circumstances had been even more difficult due to the spread of the Corona virus.


However, he emphasized that the internal structure of each department of the Firm had become more flexible and compact through various work improvement measures, leading to increased work-related efficiency and reduced mistakes and thereby further improving customer service satisfaction.


He ended the ceremony, noting that next year, various attempts would be made for the Firm to become a more competitive office, and that improvement of the overall structure of the office and cooperation between departments were more necessary.