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Physical Training Lessons for KOREANA (2015.12)
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Physical Training Lessons for KOREANA

       A group fitness training for Koreana employees kicked off at the start of December 1, 2015. The physical training 

lesson is offered twice a week in Team Park Fitness Studio with up-to-date facilities in Yeoksam-Dong and organized into two groups.


      The workout program is aimed at enhancing muscular strength, flexibility and core muscle strength, using gym stick, donut gym ball, foam roller, etc.  The physical training lessons, including bodyweight exercise, are expected to help relax tight muscles after work, improve health and instill new vitality in the work life of our employees.

       About 40 employees participate in the group physical training.  In addition to this training, Koreana also supports its employees for seeking other various leisure activities, including ski and marathon